Are you watching the game or are you IN the game?

Experience Hockey game situations before they happen.  Learn how to get there, when to get there, why you are there and what to do next.  Develop crucial on-ice thinking skills.  After an overwhelming response to our new clinic format, we are customizing the game development drills as per your requests. 

Your Clinic, your players needs.

In the comment box on the bottom of the registration page, please leave your

requests and we will fulfill your submissions.  All players have individual skills and unique abilities that we will help them discover with our passion to motivate and inspire.

See you on the Ice!

                              Are You X-TREME? 



This clinic will be featuring higher overspeed tempo Skating, Shooting,Passing, Complete Puck Control,

Dangling & Hard Core Checking 

Designed for the serious minded Hockey player.

With all drills designated for specific hockey game situations.


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